10 Interesting Facts About NASA

1. The space facts that we know today would not be possible without the remarkable work of dedicated organizations such as NASA. Science has gone a long way since the start of the space age. Since then, the discoveries they made range from amazing to downright terrifying. Take a closer look at the institution behind these discoveries with these NASA facts.

2.It may be one of the lesser-known NASA facts, but they also make satellites that help scientists learn more about the Earth. NASA sends probes into space to study things inside and beyond our solar system. However, the Earth is currently NASA’s most studied planet

3. NASA was created in response to the Soviet Union's October 4, 1957 launch of its first satellite, Sputnik I. The Sputnik launch caught Americans by surprise and sparked fears that the Soviets might also be capable of sending missiles with nuclear weapons from Europe to America.

4. NASA's budget in fiscal year (FY) 2021 is $23.3 billion which represents 0.48% of all U.S. government spending. This is a 5.3% increase from the previous fiscal year.

5. In 1958, Silverstein was called to serve at the NACA headquarters in Washington, D.C. He and his colleagues transformed the NACA into NASA, and he became Director of Space Flight Programs. ... Credit: NASA Silverstein chose the name "Apollo" after perusing a book of mythology at home one evening in 1960.

6. NASA directly gets money from the annual budget. According to the latest Budget report for the fiscal year (F.Y.) 2022, the proposed budget of NASA is about $24.8, which is about 6.6% more than the previous year's amount. It is the primary source of NASA's earnings

7. Full form of NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

8. Kennedy gave NASA a goal of sending man to the moon. On 20 July, 1969, the first man walked on the moon as a part of the Apollo 11 mission. During all Apollo missions around twelve men walked on the moon. The lunar landing of Apollo 13 in 1970 was aborted after the explosion of an oxygen tank.

9. As an innovation leader in Earth and climate science, NASA is constantly expanding view of our planet from space, with an exceptional team of experts, and decades of innovative scientific and technical research.

10. Space technology has helped astronauts and scientists to research stars, planets, and the creation of the universe. ... The technologies discovered by NASA to explore new horizons for humanity are now being put to everyday applications